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The Nautilus Firefly Safety Switch A packet of Nautilus welding electrodes Nautilus Flip-up welding visor

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Weldcraft-Pro is part of the Nautilus Subsea welding group of companies and can offer a range of products for the underwater welding industry.

For inquiries and to purchase any of our products contact:

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+44 (0) 7974 931591

Firefly diver's safety switch

Firefly Safety Switch

The new FireFly, from the designer and developer of the industry standard Piranha is the trade name for our new range of 400 amp DC safety/monitor and control switches. These units are designed to sit in-between the power source and the diver, providing a safe method of isolating current and voltage to the diver/operator as well as monitor and control operations.


Nautilus waterproof welding electrodes

Nautilus Wet Welding Electrode


The Nautilus is a specially formulated rutile-base flux coated wet welding electrode with enhanced chemical formulations, designed to weld structural steels to the highest possible qualities underwater.


Nautilus welding torch

Nautilus Welding Torch


The the unique design of the Nautilus welding torch allows for complete dismantling and replacement of all parts, on site, without the need for any special tool or training. The holder can also be adjusted for wear through its patented design, which allows the main collet body to be turned to allow for over 10mm of adjustment to be made.


Flip-up welding visor

"Flip-Up" Welding Lens Visor

The NAUTILUS "Flip-Up" welding lens visor is the only visor you may ever need for welding and cutting operations.

It fits all KM hats and helmets, fully covers the faceplate and so prevents any arc deflection bouncing back into the helmet. It is easy to use (even with thick gloves) and flips-up with just your thumb.


An auto-darkening welding filter

Auto-darkening welding filter

The NAUTILUS Auto-Darkening Welding Filter is designed to fit into the NAUTILUS "Flip-Up" Welding Lens Visor but also will fit into other common welding assemblies. It provides a very essential welding or cutting accessory, with the added benefit, there is no need to continually lift the assembly up and down, as the diver can see through the filter.