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Nautilus Welding Lens Visor

"Flip-Up" Welding Lens Visor

The NAUTILUS "Flip-Up" welding lens visor is the only visor you may ever need for welding and cutting operations! Built from a robust industrial material polyformaldehyde (POM) to optimise and reduce maintenance. POM is a non-conductive engineering thermoplastic material with high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional and thermo-resistance stability and behaviour.

This assembly, which fits all KM hats and helmets fully covers the faceplate, and so prevents any arc deflection bouncing back into the helmet. It is easy to use (even with thick gloves) to flip-up with just your thumb. A very clever press fit system allows for quick and easy fitting and holds the filter and any corrected lens securely.

It's light and strong and is designed to be used with our NAUTILUS Auto-Darkening welding filter.


Nautilus flip-up welding visor on a helmet

Nautilus flip-up welding visor front


For technical specifications and instructions for use, please see our

Nautilus Flip-up Welding Visor Brochure.

The Nautilus Welding Torch Brochure

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