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Nautilus Welding Torch


The unique design of the NAUTILUS Welding Torch allows for complete dismantling and replacement of all parts, on site, without the need for any special tool or training.

The holder can also be adjusted for wear through its patented design, which allows the main collet body to be turned, with each full revolution moving the body up 1.0mm, to allow for over 10mm of adjustment to be made. It has a simple mechanism to tighten and release electrodes.

It is manufactured from a tough, hardwearing, fully insulating material that is virtually inderstructible and provides the maximum protection for the diver. The holder can also be used safely above water, where it offers a 250 amperage rating at 60% duty cycle. The design allows for the electrodes ranging from 2.5mm (3/32”) to 5.0mm (3/16”) to be used, and is available with or without a whip lead. All parts are available separately, making it the only Torch you will ever need.



Nautilus welding torch with electrodes

Nautilus welding torch


Technical Specifications

For technical specifications and instructions for use, please see our

Nautilus Welding Torch Brochure.

The Nautilus Welding Torch Brochure

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