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Nautilus auto-darkening welding filter

Nautilus Auto-Darkening Welding Filter

The NAUTILUS Auto-Darkening Welding Filter is designed to fit into the NAUTILUS “Flip-Up” Welding Lens Visor but also will fit into other common welding assemblies. It provides a very essential welding or cutting accessory, with the added benefit, there is no need to continually lift the assembly up and down, as the diver can see through the filter, thereby, saving time (depending upon water conditions). It also allows the diver for easy and accurate re-striking, making for improvements in weld quality and performance, as well as offering a real benefit as a training aid.

The filter is powered by the arc, no batteries, knobs or switches and comes with a 2 year no quibble guarantee. The filter is designed to operate at approximately #8-12 (EN 175/EN 379), which will typically cover most underwater welding and cutting operations and has a background filter strength set at #2-3.


Auto-darkening welding filter on a helmet

Auto-darkening welding filter


For technical specifications and instructions for use, please see our

Nautilus Auto-Darkening Welding Filter Brochure.

The Nautilus Auto-darkening welding Filter Brochure

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