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Norway adopts WeldCraft-Pro underwater welding programme.

Speciality Enterprises is absolutely delighted to announce NYD (Norsk Yrkesdykkersole) commercial diving school, based at Fagerstrand Quay, Nesodden in the south of Oslo has recently successfully completed their instructor/administrator training, allowing them to deliver the highly acclaimed Weldcraft-Pro underwater welding course.
Speciality Enterprises, a specialist welding training and certification provider is the only company to offer a fully certified, independently accredited underwater welding programme anywhere in the world. The Weldcraft-Pro training programme is an 80 hour training syllabus that follows the European Welding Federation (EWF) guidelines for underwater fillet-welder on plate. The course is certified through Americian Buearu of Shipping Maritime Academy (ABS) and EMTA (EAL). EAL is part of SEMTA - Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies and is UK's leading awarding-body for engineering qualifications. This certification provides independent, quality assured, audited controls, thus, making it the only externally awarded wet welding training programme to issue internationally recognised/verified qualifications anywhere in the world. The programme is also recognised by IMarEST, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology under their CPD programme.
The course is offered to commercial diving schools, following approval of their instructors and administrators, through a licence agreement, where Speciality Enterprises provides all the learning materials, exams, audit controls and delivery mechanisms to deliver and control training.
Training is divided into dry and wet welding, together with a series of learning outcomes (LOC) where candidates must complete written work and take an end of course exam. Practical welder qualification testing is provided under BSEN ISO 15618-1:2016 and/or AWS D3.6-2010.
Training is open to both non-welders and welders alike and provides for the essential skills foundation training for a commercial diver, to ensure they meet industry demands now and in the future. The author is Mr. David J. Keats. David has worked in the industry since the early 70's and is a recognised industry expert in this field and has published a number of titles on underwater welding, including a CEng thesis on a patented underwater wet-spot welding process.

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