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Weldcraft-Pro, Not Just Underwater Welding, but Coded Welder Training, Accredited Surveillance, Inspection and Certification.

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Get Certified The Weldcraft-Pro Way

David J. Keats, a specialist welding engineer with over 40 years' experience and an approved Zurich surveyor, offers fully accredited welding surveillance and inspection services for welding procedure approval and welder qualification services.

Need welder training and/or welding inspection services?

On-site welder training services, as well as NDT welding inspection services, including visual, MPI and Dye Pen inspection all form part of the range of services offered.

Underwater Welder Training

The Americian Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Maritime Academy approved Weldcraft-Pro underwater welding programme is delivered through approved co-partner training centres, around the world. For a list of approved schools, see the 'schools' button on the top tool bar.

This programme is a highly specialised training course, designed for commercial divers serious about obtaining high quality Manual Metal Arc (MMA) / Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) welding skills both above and below water. It follows the guidelines as stated under the European Welding Federation (EWF) document 570-01, with qualifications (codes) being awarded in accordance with ISO 15618-1:2016, AWS D3.6M:2017 or BS 4872-1:1982, for fillet welds on plate and is the only class society (ABS) approved underwater welding programme available.

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The definitive guide for the underwater welder
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WeldcraftPro is the trading division of Speciality Enterprises.

For Training Schools

The WeldCraft-Pro underwater welding course uses a well proven, detailed documented methodology to teach, utilising our professional teaching materials, expertise and accreditation, but using your own approved instructor(s). This allows you to run a recognised and verified welding programme delivered through your staff, which results in internationally recognised certification issued under our ABS Maritime Academy and EAL Approved Test Centre Status.

For Commercial Divers

If you are a commercial diver interested in underwater welding we have a course brochure and the syllabus available, and you can learn more about the course on the Underwater Welding page. See the list of approved training centres to find your nearest.


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Watch a short video with David Keats explaining how the Weldcraft Pro course works.

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Divers - Learn To Weld!

Add underwater welding to your skill-set with full international accreditation.

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